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Fruit production

Our orchards are grown on some of the oldest soils in South Africa. With its unique exposition and micro climate, our fruit reflects a sense of place. The consistent low winter temperatures ensure efficient chilling units for even budbreak. Minimal frost on the farm prevents unwanted fruit damage. With quality irrigation water, ample sunshine and strict pruning and thinning practices, the trees grow under optimum conditions, producing healthy, quality fruit.

Due to the arid climate, minimal chemical sprays are used to keep the fruit healthy – thereby incorporating our sustainable farming philosophy to respect the local fauna and flora. We are implimenting farming practices into a holistic, organic and biological approach to keep up with the trend of producing healthy fruit and respecting natural resources and the environment.

Fresh packed fruit from the sundrenched slopes of the Cango Valley

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The following apricot cultivars are planted on the farm:


The following apricot cultivars are planted on the farm:


The following plum cultivars are planted on the farm:

Interspecific Plums

Pluots are a cross between plums and prunes. Generally a sweeter and visually appealing stonefruit. The following pluot cultivars are planted on the farm:

The Klein Karoo (situated in the Southern Cape) is proud to have some of the highest density of carbon converting plants on earth, all indigenous to South Africa! The farm, with its natural vegetation, is home to this carbon converter called “Spekbos” or “Spekboom”. One fully grown “Spekbos” has the ability to convert more than 4 tons of carbon dioxide per year and we are surrounded by it!

Our orchards produce healthy sun-ripened fruit that include apricots, peaches, plums and interspecific plums.

We have undertaken an intense replanting program with the most up-to-date cultivar and rootstock selections. In combination with intensive irrigation and orchard management principles, we use cover crop planting, strict pruning and fruit thinning as the most important tools to ensure consistency in size and production.

Our orchards and packing facility is audited yearly for Global Gap and LEAF standards to meet the strict health and quality standards of the international export market. We have also been accredited with SIZA in regard to our social responsibilities towards our employees. Supermarket group Marks & Spencer have awarded Karusa with “Field to Fork” accreditation as well. All these ensure our clients receive only the best from a well-managed and operated producer.

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