Since 2004

Klein Karoo Winery & Craft Brewery

Karusa is a family operated and managed wine and fruit farm.Karusa is run by family business partners Jacques Conradie (Winemaker/ marketing), Saretha Conradie (PRO), Theo Landman (Estate Manager) and property owner Johann Landman (Business Consultant).

Karusa is situated at the foothills of the majestic Swartberg in the tranquil and scenic Cango Valley in Schoemanshoek, close to Oudtshoorn. The farm is en-route to the world-famous Cango Caves.

The original farm, Vogelsang, was bought in 2004. A total soil and climate research project was undertaken to give a better understanding of the terroir of the farm. We used this information to make decisions on the planting of cultivars and clonal selections best suited to the area as well as streamlining existing orchard management.

Karusa is the first and only Premium Private winery in Oudtshoorn.

'Karusa' is a Khoi-San word meaning 'land with little water' - describing the semi-arid plateau of the Klein Karoo.

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Our Vineyards

After intense soil and climate research we identified the best potential site for our vineyards – ranging between 440m and 540m altitude on a direct south-facing hillside with deep well-drained rocky soil.

Vineyard row orientation is north east/south west for minimal sun damage and fruit zone protection. The vineyards were planted with a 1.5m x 2.4m spacing and with a double 3 wire perold trellising system to ensure good light penetration and a healthy balance between vegetative and fruit growth.

Our vineyards are manicured strictly via precise viticultural practices including strict pruning and canopy management, irrigation scheduling and the minimal use of pesticides fungicides and herbicides. We have a fully integrated sustainable organic approach by way of cover crop management , crop rotation and compost tea production. This ensures positive soil microbe activity.

By way of continuous soil moisture measurement we restrict over irrigation. This helps to curb over vegetation, large berry size and high production. Our average production range between 6-8 tons/ha.

Our focus is on Mediterranean cultivars suited to our climate.This include Shiraz, Viognier, Mourvedre, Grenache Noir as well as Sauvignon Blanc Chardonnay and native Pinotage.

Karusa is the first Klein Karoo winery to plant exotic Mediterranean cultivars like Mourvedre and Grenache Noir.