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Karusa Craft Spirits

Aroma-Infused Gin

Juniper based with an infusion of your favourite exotic summer flavours- best enjoyed with your favourite unflavoured tonic soda over ice.

Our Craft Spiritus Collection is a co-lab between ourselves and Grundheim Distillery – situated just outside of Oudtshoorn. Base spirits is copper pot distilled by them and at Karusa we take the process further in regards to ageing, aroma infusion, bottling and packaging.


Blackcurrant with notes of Strawberry- the perfect summer sundowner cocktail.


Passionfruit with a hint of Pineapple – think Island style in the Karoo!

Citrus Grandis

Grapefruit with a dash of Mango – “did someone say summer pool sipper cocktail?’

Uva e Grano

A one of a kind spirit- a “Whisky styled Brandy”- extremely Limited once-off production- only 410 x 500ml bottles made
Pic- A triple copper distilled aged spirit. Made from a 50/50 blend of rebate wine (for Brandy) and beer base (for whiskey). Aged for 5 years in a 225 litre Port barrel.
Mahogany coloured with whiskey type flavours, vanilla, dried peach and apricot whiffs of oak spice, a rounded sweet mouthfeel reminiscent of Brandy.
A superior sipper spirit- best enjoyed neat, on ice, with sparkling water or your favourite ginger ale